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Explorer product image gallery for X-Cart, X-Cart flash gallery

Explorer product image gallery for X-Cart

The best image gallery module for X-Cart. It is highly customizable and easy to install X-Cart product image gallery plug-in.

Customizable features

  • Show short description / full description related to x-cart products. You can also hide description.
  • Customizable tooltip color, background, transparency
  • Customizable rounded corners of product image
  • Customizable colors for auto slider, fullscreen
  • Full screen feature
  • Scroll bar for categories if there are more than ten categories
  • Shows full and thumbs of x-cart products automatically on installation
  • Customizable product full image background gradient color
  • Customizable product thumb image background gradient color
  • Re-sizable
  • Customizable thumb image width and height
  • Scale product image thumbs / full images if they are bigger than configured size

If you want us to install this product image gallery on your x-cart please open a support ticket at Please include your ftp and x-cart admin access, so that our support executive will install it for you. The installation is free of cost

  • Re-sizable
  • Fully customizable
  • Changeable image and text effects
  • Customizable price tag colors, currency code, bg color etc..
  • Show price with / without tax
  • Enable / disable price tag
  • Customizable description - enable / disable
  • Full Screen
  • Select/Deselect categories
  • Scale/Noscale full and thumb images
  • Customizable height and width of thumbs

Download the trial version using above link and extract all the files into your x-cart root directory.
  1. Go to http://www.YOUR_XCART_STORE_ADDRESS/gallery_explorer_install/patch.php,
    Insert the follwoing URL to the "Patch URL" field: http://www.YOUR_XCART_STORE_ADDRESS/gallery_explorer_install/patch.sql,
    Press "Apply", on the confirmation page, click "Finish".
  2. Check 3 checkboxes in the "I confirm that:" section and press the "Apply" button.
    On the next page press the "Apply patch".
    On the confirmation page, click "Finish".
    Installation Complete!
  3. Clean up your temporary file by opening this URL: http://www.YOUR_XCART_STORE_ADDRESS/cleanup.php
  4. Go to your "Admin area" -> "Flash gallery" page: http://www.YOUR_XCART_STORE_ADDRESS/admin/gallery_explorer.php and press the "Apply changes" button.
  5. Note: Delete the "gallery_explorer_install" folder from your store.
    Go to your shop front end and refresh to see the gallery.
Download and extract the full version module sent to your email after purchase.
  • Login to your ftp and go to your /Gallery_Explorer/
  • Upload the full version swf file.
Support center:
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