Power Play Gallery for PrestaShop

Prestashop Powerplay gallery plays a significant role in beautifying any websites to attract the attention of potential customers and as a consequence increase the traffic of the websites as the whole.

Are you wondering how?

Yes!!!! This amazing Prestashop gallery module helps you dynamically present and organize products/categories on your e-stores through beautiful product/image galleries, besides highlighting the key products with great stimulation and perfect organization.

Prestashop Power Play gallery component/module is loaded with numerous eye-catching features including large space dedicated for image/product flash display, a thin and long-drawn-out description box to support the image, a tiny price tag to figure in the price of the slider image, elegant navigation arrows to scroll the images left/right, play/pause option, full screen button, auto-play timer, lovely squared thumbnails accompanied with tooltips all in a row, so that your customers can quickly and easily find the product they seek in seconds without taking over the flow.

The numerical figure or ratio above the thumbnails index the image number and total number of images for easy reference while the additional + /- button help you hide or view thumbnails.

Moreover, if the specified categories are more than ten then a scroller is automatically enabled to easily scroll through the varied categories.

This premium PrestaShop Power Play gallery is worth praising and downloading as it has a magnification function to zoom in/ zoom out the image

Then again, this PrestaShop Power Play component module is highly configurable - animate parameters, manage images, orders, modify/tailor any aspect of the gallery ranging from the thumbnails dimensions and color, background color and dimensions of the gallery to the auto-play timer and color and optional target link to new or current URL.

  • Enable/disable full screen, scale/no scale full and thumb images, show/hide next and previous preview thumbs, enable/disable auto play

  • Configurable background gradient colors, auto-play, full-screen colors, price tag colors, alpha, tooltip colors
  • Customizable thumb height and width, show the thumb panel on top or bottom
  • Category menu colors, alpha and font sizes
  • Many different price tag models affixed with this gallery to choose one
  • Zoom images or link them to product page

Promote/endorse your essential products and increase your sales with this extremely functional and responsive premium PrestaShop Power Play gallery module.

This PrestaShop Power Play component module is small priced but works with big and myriad functions.

Installation Video For Power Play Gallery

Power Play gallery installation instructions for PrestaShop

  1. Download the module and extract it, you will get "pssxmlswf_powerplaygallery" directory. Upload the directory to your "<PrestaShop_root>/modules" directory

  2. Login to your PrestaShop admin panel then go to modules tab, there you can see "Powerplay Gallery" module (see below image). Click on Install.

  3. Drag and place the module where ever you like to display it. Now click on "Configure (see below image)" to configure the gallery module as per your requirements. You may configure the height, width, colors etc..

You are done. Please go to your PrestaShop front end and refresh to see the gallery showing your product images and prices.


Show specific categories

Other features

  • Enable/Disable Full Screen
  • Scale/No scale full and thumb images
  • Show/Hide next and previous preview thumbs
  • Configurable background gradient colors
  • Configurable autoplay and fullscreen colors
  • Configurable price tag colors and alpha
  • Configurable tooltip colors and alpha
  • Enable/Disable auto play
  • Customizable thumb height and width
  • Customizable category menu colors, alpha and font sizes
  • Show the thumb panel on top or bottom
  • Zoom images or link them to product page
  • Open link in same window or new window
There are many configurable parameters, but we listed only few important

Download the module and extract it, you will get "pssxmlswf_powerplaygallery" directory. Upload the directory to your "<PrestaShop_root>/modules" directory, then follow the instructions in video.