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Q1. I bought full version. How to install it?
A. When you download the full version zip file, please unzip it first. Then read the instructions text file from extracted files. You must delete "all existing .swf" files and "xml" directory with in module directory. Then upload the full version swf. Clear your browser cache and refresh, you can see our flash without logo and link.

Q2. I bought full version but logo still appearing why?
A. All our full versions are free of logo and link. You might be seeing our logo from browser cache. Please clear your browser cache and try again.

Q3. What is IE cache bug? Do I need to enable it?
A. When you are showing a set of images for some pages and a different set of images for other pages, you need to enable IE cache bug. When you are showing same set of images through out our site, then you do not need to enable IE cache bug.

Q4. The slide show / gallery not working. It is showing continuous loading symbol. What is the wrong?
This means, you are missing one or more images. Go to your browser and view the html source and find for ".xml", now copy the full path of that xml and paste it in your browser address bar and press enter. There you can see your image paths. Test them one by one in your browser.

This xml will be re-created every time when you refresh your website where the slide show is published.

For other common image problems trouble shooting please visit:

Q5. If I buy full version, am I eligible for all future upgrades?
A. Yes

Q6. I found updated version of your slide show. How to upgrade? Do I need to uninstall existing one and install new one? Is there any other way to skip uninstall and install?
A. You do not need to un-install and install the module again. Just download the trial version from our site, extract it, delete all existing files in your existing modules (do not forget to take a backup) and upload all the extracted files. Now go to your module through joomla admin, then just click on save (do not need to do any changes in module parameters). Now go to front end and refresh. Please open support ticket including your transaction ID to get new full version swf.

Q7. How to use the slide show / gallery module second instance on a page with different set of images?
A. Go to your Joomla admin -> module manager, then select the module then click on copy (top right). Now specify different xml file name (you can find it in module advanced parameters) different set of images in the new copied module parameters.

WordPress users: You can directly use the code snippet any number of times.

Q8. When I am trying to buy the module I am getting the error message "Merchant country unsupported. The merchant country is not supported. Error". What should I do?
A. Please click on "2CO" banner on top of this page and purchase the module. After you purchase the module, please email us the order ID to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , so that we will email you the module.

Q9. I purchased the extension and i am trying to install this extension website, but it gave me this error: 'JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find Joomla XML setup file'. What I am doing wrong?
A. The full version contains only swf files without our logo and link. The free version should be upgraded to remove our logo. Please read instructions sent to your email while you purchased the module to upgrade. Get the free version from

If you want installable full version, please open a support ticket at So that we will send you installable full version which will not shows our logo after installation (you do not need to follow upgrade steps).

The reason we are giving only swf file is, most of the people do not want to lose settings by uninstalling trial version.

Q10. There is a new version of module available. how to upgrade?
A. Download the free version of module, extract it. You will get a directory. Suppose, the directory name is mod_xmlswf_homepageslideshow. Upload(overwrite) that directory to "< joomla_root >/modules/". Now delete "< joomla_root >/modules/mod_xmlswf_homepageslideshow/xml/" directory. If you have any troubles, open a support ticket.

Q11. How to load the gallery / slideshow in the content / article?
A. This is the frequent question we are getting. Its pretty simple. Use "{ loadposition position_name }" (no spaces) with in your article. Please do not forget to publish the module. We have made a video about loading module with in an joomla 2.5 article: watch it. This code is same for all Joomla versions.

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