Admin Color Picker for Joomla

Color picker plugin for Joomla is a simple Joomla admin plugin. It uses JSColor library to show color picker for the input fields. Yet it is simple Joomla admin plugin, it is very useful for the developer who builds templates, modules, component and plugins. It lets you choose the color directly from color picker pallet.

how to use Admin Color Picker?

Basic Example

Just download and install the plugin and when you are writing a joomla extension you just need to mention class="color" in the xml input field where ever you want to show the color picker pallet.

For example if your input in the module / component / plugin / template xml is
you just add the class="color" to the tag. So it will look like this

Use Hash

Get Hash symbol and lowercase color code in the input when you pick color.

Use Hash with lowercase color code

Show picker left side of the input field

Remember, you must publish the plugin after installation to see it working. Also see in the plugin settings for more options.

Joomla Admin Color Picker Installation Video