Joomla carousel slideshow - A free joomla carousel module

Carousel Slideshow For Iphone Carousel Slideshow For Iphone

Joomla Carousel Slideshow is a great slider module for adding up the ultimate modern look and feel to your personal or any commercial webpage powered with Joomla, bringing extra functionalities and visual interest, all at no cost!

What’s so special in this free Joomla slider module?

  • The spinning part of this free slider module is the product thumbnails which reveal the next and previous images in a quiet bigger thumbs in a gorgeous way for easy reference of product images besides adding a great spirit to the whole slider altogether.
  • The snow effects adds a bit of smack to this free carousel slideshow; perfect for Christmas or new-year season.
  • To add in this free Joomla slideshow supports hyper-links to images
  • Compatible with Joomla 1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5, iPhone & iPad.
  • Additionally, this free Joomla slider module sports in minimal function buttons such as navigation arrows to slide between templates, auto-play button, auto-timer, small space on the main page dedicated to description, indexing strip with series of circles positioned in a row to select an individual image on demand.
  • This joomla slider is not just gorgeous but is 100% free and easy slider that allows you to quickly and easily display unlimited selection of images and customize the transitions between them at the admin panel. This free Joomla slideshow itself is very flexible and easily customizable offering a great alternative to flash-based solutions.

It’s just simple to use and set up all you need to do is configure the gallery settings in the Joomla admin module and enjoy the slider on the front end.

This free VM slider also enables you to customize every aspect of the slider through the admin panel including:

  • Slideshow dimensions (width & height), BG color, border size, border color
  • Main image dimensions (width & height)
  • Enable/disable - auto-slide, description box, picture scaling, progress bar
  • Auto-slide timer
  • Transition speed
  • Transition type (ease out & ease out )
  • Description box position (top or bottom), BG color, BG color alpha, color, corner radius
  • Image reflection type
  • Progress bar - color, circle highlight color, alpha
  • Wmode (Opaque or transparent) and many more

There can be no other free slider better than this that is built with so many customizable, easy to use features accompanied with a beautiful front end layout where all buttons are positioned in a gorgeous way.

No second thoughts!!!!! Go hit it!!!!

  • Customizable slideshow main_image height & width
  • Customizable slideshow background color
  • Customizable autoslide option
  • Customizable slideshow transition speed
  • Customizable Transition type
  • Customizable options for Description

Installation for Joomla 1.7, Joomla 1.6 & Joomla 1.5

Installation of this module is pretty simple. You do not need to fiddle with xml to change settings.
  1. Download free version first, then install the module through your admin module manager.
  2. Publish the module in the front end to see images in the flash
Note: If you have problems in using this module please open a support ticket at
After purchasing the module, you will get download link to your email immediately. Please download full version and extract it then follow the below instructions to upgrade to full version.
  1. Login to your ftp
  2. Go to "/modules/mod_xmlswf_carouselslideshow/xml" and delete "all existing" files
  3. Go to "/modules/mod_xmlswf_carouselslideshow" and delete "all existing swf" files
  4. Upload full version swf file to "/modules/mod_xmlswf_carouselslideshow"
Note: Clear your browser cache and refresh in the front end