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LEVO Slideshow: A free image slider for Joomla 2.5, 1.7 and 1.5

LEVO Slideshow for Joomla

This is a great slideshow that has a unique presentation, super easy to install and hey it's absolutely free. You’ll surely get amazed with the quality of sliders and dozens of options and features.

This unusual bizarre slider is loaded with lots and lots of options and features on how you want your slideshow to work with text sizes, caption sizes, slideshow size, the option to make the slideshow center, left or right in the space it is in, the auto slider can be set stop or play while the slide show loads initially, the position of auto play buttons can be set.

The big product image, miniature image and a good amount of space dedicated to the products description, navigation arrows to swift back/ forth, auto-play timer buttons are the basic front end features sported on the sliders.

Create unlimited of galleries and each gallery can hold unlimited of albums, give them titles, descriptions and then save them on your catalog, link image slider to URLs in the same or new window and pretty much anything you would want to execute on your site in a simple but gallery.

What not???? Everything is so awesomely and automatically made for easy to work on!!! Forget all the nasty custom fields and image URLs and use this free gallery plugin!!!!!

Easy, intuitive and smart gallery design that makes it trivial to keep track of all your different catalogs to create amazing e-stores, galleries, lists and more just with a download on the go!!

Installation Video For Joomla Levo Slideshow

  • Customizable slideshow height & width
  • Customizable slideshow background color
  • Customizable autoslide option
  • Customizable slideshow transition speed
  • Customizable Control panel placing option

Installation for Joomla

  1. Download files first, then install the module
  2. Publish the module in the front end to see images in the flash
Note: If you have problems in using this module please open a support ticket at
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