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Power Zoomer - five level image zoomer module for Joomla

Power zoomer

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Power Zoomer for Joomla

Compatible with iphone and ipads

The Power Zoomer plugin is a gorgeous, super awesome, beautiful yet free image gallery module for Joomla with the best part being the Power zoomer option as the name hints- this free Joomla module is loaded with a series of amazing buttons 1 2 3 4 5 6 to zoom in/zoom out of the product image for a more clear cut picture.

This free Joomla image gallery is one of the top best unique joomla image gallery module that that makes implementing and customizing much easier with feasible resources and flexible customizable options to get a striking free image Joomla gallery launched on to your Joomla powered website.

The Power Zoomer free Joomla image gallery clocks in a category grid that showcases all the specified categories in a grid accompanied with scroller, pop up, category titles and more, play/pause option, zooming options up to 6 levels (refer1 2 3 4 5 6 numbers indexed on the gallery), full screen option, navigation arrows, auto-play with timer, beautiful description box, series of thumbnails with tooltip, pan feature to drag the image left/right top/bottom and multitude of other great options.

The combination of amazing customizable options with ultimately designed features make this free Joomla slideshow more interactive, intuitive and easy to use for all your website visitors.

All you need to do is download this free Joomla image gallery slider upload product images into a specified category (Don’t forget to add comma separated category ID's in the admin panel to show only selected categories) and immediately have an automatically created gallery in matter of minutes.

Happy freebie!!!!!

Installing Video For Power Zoomer

  1. Customizable zoom levels and zoom speed
  2. Auto slide show enable/disable
  3. Customizable icons
  4. Customizable thumb and main image height and widths
  5. Each product description and link to product page
  6. Customizable font sizes and colors
  7. Scrollable thumbs
  8. Full screen mode
  9. Thumbnail tooltip
  10. Pan window
  11. Next and previous thumbs with tooltips
  1. Login to your ftp
  2. Go to "/modules/mod_xmlswf_powerzoomer/xml" and delete "all existing" files
  3. Go to "/modules/mod_xmlswf_powerzoomer" and delete "all existing swf" files
  4. Upload full version swf file to "/modules/mod_xmlswf_powerzoomer"
Note: Clear your browser cache and refresh in the front end

Compatible with iphone and ipads

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