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Smooth Slider

Smooth Slider for Joomla

Joomla smooth slideshow is the best of all Joomla Image Slideshow modules that productively makes any corporate, news, magazine, sports, travel, finance or gadgets or gizmo based websites look elegant and nice.

You can upload/preview/order images to specified category listings from parameter module and fully configure with tons of features.

This free Joomla slideshow module enables you execute numerous product images with pertaining information all in a single block or layout.

As the name of implies- smooth slideshow Joomla extension – is a picture-perfect slideshow module featuring minimal functional buttons including a fully transparent/solidly filled category tab listing with a scroller to scroll down/up the multiple categories, transparent description box to brief in about the product/image overlaid on to the main product/image, view more option to open a current/new window for a more detailed product information, a striking price tag and pagination bar to switch between the slides.

What’s more?

There is certainly more!!!! This is an extremely customizable free Joomla slider module absolutely free of cost and easy to configure the module settings intuitively. Below are some of the customizable features of this free Joomla slider module:

  • Customizable gallery dimensions (width & height), object BG color, base color, transition time, auto slide time, Customizable menu speed, menu tab width, menu font size, menu color, button color, hover color, menu alpha , text color, box dimensions
  • Customizable information box dimensions, font size, BG color
  • Customizable index color, hover color, find more button text, find more color
  • Target link to current/new window content or an images directory
  • Enable/ disable Auto-scale, yes/no auto align, show/hide description, show/hide price tag
  • Optional descriptions pulled from product image
  • Transparent/solidly filled slide description background

For more information please go-through the documentation tab below.

This exceptionally free smooth image slideshow module for Joomla is compatible with any Joomla blog or website. Create an image slideshow with our simple slideshow creator to transform your Joomla page into a crowd-puller.

Download, install and edit the module parameters at the back end supporting your ideas for a more complete website outlook, navigate through the slider in the front end and you are absolutely done!!! Set & forget it automatically works!!!

  1. Download the Pack "" using Free Download button
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip file> You will get three files 1. 3.readme.txt
  3. Login to your joomla admin
  4. Go to Extensions > Install / Uninstall
  5. Click on browse and locate "" file and click on "Upload file & Install"
  6. Again click on browse and locate "" file and click on "Upload file & Install"
  7. Go to Extensions > Module Manager then click on "XML/SWF Smooth Slider for Gallery XML"
  8. Please remember, the component is only for administration purpose. You need to create categories and upload images under those categories in the component. For display those images in the flash, you need to publish the module in the front end
  9. Select proper module position and select "yes" to enable the module and click on save/apply. That's it, you are done. Please remember, you need to add categories and images using Gallery XML component to show the image in the front end flash.
  10. Configure the other admin parameters if required to change the width, height, font sizes, colors, background colors etc..
  11. Configure the "images path" in the admin parameters for virtuemart images path if you are not using default path defined by VirtuMart
  12. If you have any troubles in installing or configuring the modules please open a support ticket

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