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Unique Gallery - Free Joomla 2.5 Gallery also works with Joomla 1.7/1.6/1.5

Unique Gallery for Joomla

Compatible with ipads and iphones

Latest responsive style
responsive style 2

The Joomla Unique Gallery is first-class, free and stands out as one of the best and unique galleries around that looks cool, easy to use and highly customizable.

This free Joomla extension is a must-have for any of web blog or site to showcase all your main products in an enriched and revamped manner.

Nothing comes close to the amount of features this one provides with lot many customization options and features to go with that tends to be very easy to set up even for a novice Joomla users.

This free joomla gallery component + module loaded with numerous great features like main image template accompanied with a description or title box, a tint price tag, auto slide/pause button with auto-slide timer, next /previous image navigation arrows, categories listings with scrolls, pagination buttons to individually select the images on demand and many more interesting functions.

The auto slider time can be configurable through Joomla module / component parameters to define every aspect of this free Joomla module gallery ranging from the price tag to the entire gallery altogether including:

  • Split product images in to as many categories as you want
  • Show title or text with every single picture
  • Option to link every single image to the original image file
  • Multiple snow effects with option to Enable/disable snow effects
  • Show price tag for every slide, there are lot of price tag images available to download while you are uploading image to show old price strike-off and shows new price
  • Customizable Gallery dimensions, colors and background colors
  • Enable/disable auto-play, scale time, description box, Categories drop down list, snow effects
  • Customizable image dimensions
  • Customizable menu over color, menu text size, text color, text over color
  • Customizable transition effects (ease out), description color, size, Background color, background color alpha
  • Customizable pagination button position, color, button over color
  • Customizable next and previous buttons color, over color
  • Customizable side image loader color, loader panel color
  • Customizable transition time
  • Display VirtueMart product thumb and full images
  • Linkable full images
  • Show only featured products
  • Auto scroll thumbs and many more customizable options

It's just easy to set and configure a proper function.

Take a chance and feel very impressive for your site!!!!!!!

Download the pack and extract them. You will get module and a component.
  1. Login to your joomla admin, install the pack
  2. Add categories, upload images under categories
  3. Link component to menu or publish the module to see the gallery working

Unique Gallery Installation

Unique Gallery Settings

Using unique gallery module second instance

After purchasing the full version, you will get the download link to your email. Please download it and extract.

If you published Module

  • Log-in to your ftp and go to "modules/mod_unique_gallery/" and delete datadata.xml. If you did not find this file, please ignore this step.
  • Now go to "modules/mod_unique_gallery/" and delete "all existing swf files" and upload the full version swf

If you published Component

  • Log-in to your ftp and go to "images/uniquegallery/gallery/uniquegallery/xml" and delete all existing files with in that directory. If you did not find this directory, please ignore this step.
  • Now go to "components/com_uniquegallery/sb/modules/" and delete existing "mod_unique_gallery.swf" file and upload the full version swf
Note: Please clear your browser cache and refresh in the front end to see the watermark removed.

Compatible with iphone and ipads

Latest responsive version images for mobiles and tables

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