VirtueMart Products Explorer Gallery

This free VirtueMart category explorer extension for the Joomla content management system is ideal for any e-commerce stores. This freebie gallery deploys a strong visual component using the gallery images associated with the products in the VirtueMart catalogue for more functional and convenient for users.

This powerful and beautiful VirtueMart module enable you to choose component parameters to customize the images, thumbs, and whole gallery appearance as a whole with either a horizontal or a vertical layout for the thumbnails, the background color and style can be customized, with a choice of either solid or a gradient background.

Moreover, there are also a variety of image transitions available in this free VirtueMart Category explorer that includes fade, zoom out, elastic zoom in, blur zoom out, elastic slide and more.

Add comma separated category ID's in the admin parameters to show only specific categories

Fully customizable and extraordinary design to make your Joomla site look offs the beaten track. Be individual.

  • Full Screen Option
  • Auto Play Option
  • Customizable Auto Play time
  • Customizable Auto Play bar color
  • Dynamically Loads Categories
  • Product name On mouseover product thumb
  • Option to show product price, weight and details
  • Details link to full product details page
  • Fully customizable from admin parameters
  • Customizable tool-tip
  • Customizable tooltip color and font
  • Customizable thumb size
  • Customizable full image size
  • Re-sizable gallery
  • Customizable product description font size, color
  • Customizable product thumb bg color
  • Customizable corner radius
  • Customizable background gradient color
  • Customizable button colors
  • Customizable number of thumbs to show
  • Customizable menu over, up and down colors
  • Scale/No Scale option for thumbs and full images
  • Enable/Disable price tag
  • Customize the price tag color, alpha and position
  1. Download the module, Login to your joomla admin, install and publish it in the front end.
  2. Pleae make sure the directory "/modules/mod_xmlswf_vm_explorer" has write permissions (755/775/777) by your program
  3. Configure the "images path" in the admin parameters for virtuemart images path if you are not using default path defined by VirtuMart
If you have any troubles in installing or configuring the modules please open a support ticket

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