VM Blaze Slide Show for VirtueMart

VM Blaze Slideshow is a free and best VirtueMart product slider component to display and manage multiple product images in your VirtueMart store in a very effective way.

This outstanding and conspicuous image gallery clocks in a good pagination bar with numbers representing the specified category images, navigation arrows to slide over the images from left/right, a pause/play button to go hand-free or manually view the slides, a little description box overlaying on the each slider to put in short notes about the products.

The best part of this product slider is the little price tag box that can be placed anywhere around for a quick price reference. Features include customizable price - tag color, font color, font size, position, border color, tool-tip color, Border radius, image radius, background fill type (gradient or plain), gradient start and end colors, background alpha, image description background color, pre-loader color, image transition time & speed and more.

Additionally the free VM slider has a show/hide price tag, display image description text on mouse over / always, adjustable description and Bar positions (top / bottom), multiple Transition types (Zooms out, Fades in, Zooms in, Blur, Right slide), numerous Image Effects (fades in, zooms out, Elastic Zoom In, Blur Zoom Out, Elastic Slide, Squares, Triple Squares, Horizontal Stripes, Vertical Stripes, Waves, Scales Bars), text effects (Linear Fade, Linear Drop) and more.

Add comma separated category ID's in the admin parameters to show only specific categories. It works wonders with VirtueMart 2.0, 1.X and also compatible with Joomla 2.5, 1.7, 1.6, 2.5 and multi language.

A highly customizable product gallery with professional transition and flexible text effects to spice up any shabby website design or blog!!!

  • Highly customizable
  • Show/Hide price tag
  • Customizable price tag color, font color, font size, position
  • Customizable border color
  • Customizable tool-tip color
  • Resizable
  • Customizable Border radius
  • Customizable image radius
  • Customizable background fill type: gradient or plain
  • Customizable gradient start and end colors
  • Customizable background alpha
  • Display image description text on mouse over / always
  • Customizable image description background color
  • Transition types: Zooms out, Fades in, Zooms in, Blur, Right slide
  • Adjustable description and Bar positions: top / bottom
  • Customizable pre-loader color
  • Customizable image transition time
  • Customizable image transition speed

Available Image Effects

  1. fades in
  2. zooms out
  3. Elastic Zoom In
  4. Blur Zoom Out
  5. Elastic Slide
  6. Squares
  7. Triple Squares
  8. Horizontal Stripes
  9. Vertical Stripes
  10. Waves
  11. Scales Bars

Available Text Effects

  1. Linear Fade
  2. Linear Drop
  1. Download the module, Login to your joomla admin, install and publish it
  2. Pleae make sure the directory "/modules/vm_blaze_slideshow" has write permissions (755/775/777) by your program
  3. If you are not using default images path defined by VirtuMart, please configure the "images path" in the admin module parameters

VirtueMart blaze slideshow installation video tutorial

If you have any troubles in installing or configuring the modules please open a support ticket