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Carousel slide show for VirtueMart, VM carousel slide show, VM product carousel slide show

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VirtueMart Carousel Slideshow Module

Carousel Slideshow For Iphone Carousel Slideshow For Iphone

VM carousel slideshow is a free slider that beautifies your sliders in a more advanced way featuring multiple templates, a simple point and click interface to create great visuals for your personal or commercial websites all free of cost.

Gone are the days where boring static pages displays the products meekly.

The trend in rage is to have a motion flash on your page – VM Carousel Slideshow - is one such slider that automatically changes its displayed image at specific intervals, accompanied by snazzy looking transition effects, buttons to manually shift the image to the next in the list including many other stunning features.

The main advantage of having this free carousel vm slider is the case saves space while crams more data onto limited single page, while is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

This absolutely free VM slider is a magical slider!!!! Yes it’s certainly true!!

Images are automatically loaded from the VirtueMart catalogue where every images are linked to the product page directly, option to set up all text and descriptions in the description box pertaining to the image, additional transition effects, duration and speed of effects can be customized to alter the overall style or theme of your slider to keep them modern.

This free VM carousel slider is just superbly designed, with the ultimate part being the product thumbnails which are presented in a gorgeous way adding a great spirit to the whole slider altogether. Two navigation arrows are positioned at left/right extremes in small blocks to swiftly switch between sliders. Have a look at the reflections that all the banner images make. Lovely, seriously recommended slider!!!!

A play/pause button with a circular auto timer is positioned on the slider to stay play the sliders automatically and enjoy.

Besides, there is also an indexing strip with series of circles positioned in a row to select an individual image on demand.

Play and configure all the setting of this free VM slider to get the subtle look you want at your fingertips.

To add, this free VM slider also enables you to customize every aspect of the slider through the admin panel including slideshow dimensions (width & height), main image dimensions (width & height), background color, enable/disable auto-slide, auto-slide timer, transition speed, transition type (ease out & ease out ), enable or disable description, description box position (top or bottom), description BG color, description BG color alpha, description color, description corner radius, slideshow border size, slideshow border color, image reflection type, Enable/disable progress bar, progress bar color, progress bar color, progress bar circle highlight color, progress alpha, enable/disable picture scaling, target link to new/same window, Wmode (Opaque or transparent) and many more.

Gorgeous, beautiful, striking, stunning, dazzling VM slider that is absolutely free! free! free! free! and free!!!!

  • Customizable slideshow main_image height & width
  • Customizable slideshow background color
  • Customizable autoslide option
  • Customizable slideshow transition speed
  • Customizable Transition type
  • Customizable options for Description
  • Customizable corner readious option
  1. Download the module, Login to your joomla admin, install and publish it
  2. Pleae make sure the directory "/modules/mod_xmlswf_vm_carouselslideshow" has write permissions (755/775/777)
  3. If you are not using default images path defined by VirtuMart, please configure the "images path" in the admin module parameters

VirtueMart Carousel slideshow installation tutorial

Note: If you have problems in using this module please open a support ticket at

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