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Flip slide show for virtuemart, VirtueMart 3d slide show

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Flip Slide Show for VirtueMart

Flip slideshow is an utterly simple, uncomplicated, elegant, easy, plain, cool yet free slideshow for VirtueMart to showcase all the product images in specified categories in an excellent free slideshow.

This free VM slider is functionally designed using minimal functional buttons despite being more productive showcasing what is required in just limited space beautifully.

This free add-on slider for Virtuemart displays three main images all in different boxes accompanied with a tiny title box and price box to display the product title and price on the go for easy reference. A different and unique slider module setting it apart from the regular slider where whole of the template space is occupied by one single main image.

Every template of this free gallery slider holds space to accommodate three main images, click on any one of the three images, where the image flips with striking 3D effects to show the description pertaining to that specific image.

To add on, there are many other cool features loaded in this free VM slider including list of all categories tabs in a row accompanied with navigation arrows at both ends to switch between the category tabs, auto-play or pause button to manually or automatically slide the product images, a auto-slide timer and elegantly designed and positioned navigation arrows.

These features as you can see in this free VM slider are not fixed. Yes its cent percent true, this free VM slider enables users to customize with the functional colors, fonts, BG colors with effects and more through the control panel.

  • Add unlimited number of categories and products under each category and show your categories and images under categories.
  • Add comma separated category ID's in the admin panel to show only selected categories
  • Customizable slide show width and height
  • Customizable Autoslide (Enable/Disable)
  • Customizable Fliptype (vertical/Horizontal)
  • Customizable Image Scalling
  • Customizable title text size and color
  • Customizable description text size and color
  • Choose Category ID's to display Images
  • Previous, Next Images in slide Show
  • Bulk upload from component admin
  • Upload , edit, delete images under categories
  • Core SEF and SH404 Compatible

A simple but dynamic slider to adorn any cluttered or boring website into something exciting and fun!!!

Download and embellish your website now!!!!

  • Plug and play
  • Customizable category menu
  • Customizable Flip vertical/Horizontal effect to Images
  • Show Full Images/Thumb images on slideshow
  • Full/Thumb images scale/noscale
  • Play,pevious,next control navigation
  • Customizable auto slide show time
  • Customizable thumb background color
  • Customizable category arrows color
  • Customizable Auto play feature
  1. Download the module, Login to your joomla admin, install and publish it
  2. Pleae make sure the directory "/modules/mod_xmlswf_vm_flipslideshow" has write permissions (755/775/777)
  3. If you are not using default images path defined by VirtuMart, please configure the "images path" in the admin module parameters
If you have any troubles in installing or configuring the modules please open a support ticket

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