VirtueMart Yet Another SlideShow: Free simple VM slider module

Here we present you an incredible free VirtueMart Yet Another Slideshow module that helps you showcase any products in the sliders along with a image, title, price accompanied with many other effects for your blog or website. Click on the slide for a more detailed description of the product including full size image, description and price. VM YASS free slideshow module is designed to hold scores of product slides to draw attention from the visitors to select the products right away.

This freebie Slideshow module takes advantage of carrying limited but interesting buttons including a play/pause button, next/previous and a pagination bar to directly switch between slides to-and-fro on the slider. Customize the slider height & width, fonts, background colors, auto-slide options, shadows, transition speed and type accordingly through admin parameters. It's fast, easy and free!

  • Customizable slideshow height & width
  • Customizable slideshow background color
  • Customizable autoslide option
  • Customizable slideshow transition speed
  • Customizable Transition type
  1. Download the module, Login to your joomla admin, install and publish it
  2. Pleae make sure the directory "/modules/mod_vm_YASS" has write permissions (755/775/777)
  3. If you are not using default images path defined by VirtuMart, please configure the "images path" in the admin module parameters

VM YASS Installation video:

YASS settings:

Note: If you have problems in using this module please open a support ticket at xml/swf support