Image/News Slider for WordPress

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WordPress news slider is an easy, basic and free slider plugin that is loaded with awesome and unique transition effects, fancy slider templates, fully responsive and customizable buttons, light-weight, enable descriptions, previous/next navigation arrows, play/pause buttons, and more.

The layout and positioning of all the functions are right in place; if not satisfactory alter every aspect of this free WP gallery in few clicks and seconds.

A petite box is used to feature bullet navigation, play/pause and auto-play timer buttons, while the description box is moderate sized to fill in the required information pertaining to the slider. Links to new/current window is enabled and to be more candid, the most attractive part of this FREE WP slider plugin it does not cost you a penny!!!!!!!

Use this WP slider to show all the product images/information on your site in limited web space. No more worries about how many images or photos you have, add unlimited product images to the slider and put in more animation effect to the slider to execute an interesting website browsing experience to the users.

All you need to do is drag-and-drop product images and tweak all the parameters. Tweak gallery width and gallery height, image width, image description, text display panel width, auto-play time, transition Time, slideshow background color, slide interval, Button hover-Color, Button up-color, enable/disable image scaling, price tag, colors, fonts, dimensions and transition of entire gallery on the move. Simple!! Isn’t it??

Once you install this free WP slider adjust the slider options to configure the entire news slider and other functional buttons as a whole and add wow factor to your websites with this elegant yet dynamic free WP slideshow plugin right away!!!

  • Customizable gallery width and gallery height
  • Customizable image width
  • Image description
  • Customizable Text display panel width
  • Customizable auto play time
  • Transition Time
  • Customizable sideshow background color
  • Customizable slide interval
  • Customizable Button overColor
  • Customizable Button upColor
  • enable/disable image scaling
  • price tag

Installation Video

  1. Download the Plugin
  2. Login to your wordpress/wp-admin
  3. Go to Plugins > Click on Add new>Upload
  4. Click on Browse and locate "" plugin click on Upload file and click on Install
  5. Still if you have problems in using this plugin please open a support ticket at

How to use WordPress Image News Slider?

Use any of the below short codes in your post / content as inline where ever you want to display the slideshow.

Short Codes

[slider] - This short code will display all images under all categories which are not disabled.

[slider cats=2,3] - This short code will display all images under the categories with ID's 2,3.

[slider imgs=1,2,3] - This short code will display images which has ID's 1,2,3.

Short codes to be used in the Template (php file)

<?php echo do_shortcode('[slider]');?> – This short code will display all images under all categories which are not disabled.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[slider cats=2,3]');?> – This short code will display all images under the categories with ID’s 2,3.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[slider imgs=1,2,3]');?> – This short code will display images which has ID’s 1,2,3.